The Progressive Gardening Trade Association works with many organizations to further the use of progressive gardening techniques in classrooms of all grade levels. For the past several years, we have worked in conjunction with the National Gardening Association, The Grow Store in Colorado and numerous product manufacturers to provide indoor hydroponic gardening grant packages to elementary, middle and high schools.


These packages provide eligible schools with the equipment and expertise that encourage students to explore how plants grow in hydroponics, without soil, which provides real world experience for subjects including biology, mathematics, science, and many others. We hope that you will encourage your customers to make their childrens schools aware of this exciting program and offer them the opportunity to participate.


We are excited to announce that we will be revamping the entire Hooked On Hydroponics Grant Program for future years.

We are also excited to announce the formation of the Professional Hydroponics Education Council (PHEC), which will bring standardized curriculum and certification programs to those interested in higher education programs emerging as a result of the emerging Hydroponics and Environmentally Controlled Agriculture (HECA) industries. Again, check back for further details.

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