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How to make vegan ice cream yourself

Ice cream is a frozen dish made sweet by adding sweeteners. It can be taken as a snack or a dessert. The raw ingredients of making ice cream can either be cream or dairy milk and cashew milk for the vegans. In addition to these, it is flavored with a sweetener. The basic process is [Continue]

Your Blender Is Your Best Friend

If you are thinking about becoming vegan or want to add more fruit and veg to your diet then purchasing a high powered blender is the way to go! I own the Philips avance collection which i got for about $200 (including shipping) and it has to be one of my best buys. Before then [Continue]

Gender does not Equal Strength

Books are my potato chips. My french fries, my buffalo hot wings. Not only do I devour them at an incredible rate, but I really and truly cannot have just one. Going to a bookstore – especially one filled with used books, their pages holding the remnants of other people’s thoughts eternally captured in an [Continue]


The Progressive Gardening Trade Association works with many organizations to further the use of progressive gardening techniques in classrooms of all grade levels. For the past several years, we have worked in conjunction with the National Gardening Association, The Grow Store in Colorado and numerous product manufacturers to provide indoor hydroponic gardening grant packages to [Continue]

Hydroponic Gardening

A Resource Guide for Understanding, Teaching or Writing About Hydroponic Gardening Artsinstlucie includes a wide array of gardening methods and products keyed to making gardening easier, safer, and more productive. Hydroponics, growing plants without soil, is just one method modern gardeners use to accomplish these goals. The Progressive Gardening Media Kit is designed to be [Continue]

Take veganism for example

A lot of the time we build things up in our heads so much that even the prospect of them becomes daunting. Take veganism for example. The idea of cutting out all animal products from your diet can seem really difficult or even too difficult. You think about how much you crave that piece of [Continue]

Technaflora Offers Sponsorship for 50 New Members

Technaflora Plant Products has pledged to sponsor membership dues for 50 Hydro Retailers who have not previously been members of the Progressive Gardening Trade Association and has challenged other manufacturers and distributor members to do the same. If you are a retailer, and have never joined artsinstlucie, get in touch with Technaflora at this link [Continue]