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Home gardening is poised to expand dramatically. Tainted Vegetables
Financial Hardship
Soaring Food Prices
Regional Drought
Climate Change

These are just a few of the many reasons why the home vegetable garden is making a comeback in a big way. If you own a small nursery or garden shop, Artsinstlucie can help you grow your business, all year long, while significantly minimizing seasonal sales fluctuations.

Sales of vegetable seeds and plants for the 2009-2010 season were up by 40 percent over the previous year, an unheard of one year growth rate for any segment of the $40 billion annual lawn and garden market. Why? Because the rise in energy prices is not only affecting fuel prices, but virtually every consumer product including food. Obviously, one of the easiest ways to provide a hedge against rising food prices is to grow your own.

Of course, other factors are driving this growth, including continuing reports of contaminated vegetables, growing concern for the environment, and even supplementing the family income with small market farms and gardens.

The Progressive Gardening Trade Association has been on the forefront of these issues for over a decade, providing information on progressive home gardening techniques that include organics, hydroponics, drip irrigation, container and other eco-friendly, water-wise plant growth and food production solutions.

Why Artsinstlucie?

One of the most prevalent impediments to the successful application of progressive gardening technologies is the lack of accurate and reliable information available to the consumer.

Low paid employees at big box stores and discount centers generally don’t have the expertise nor experience necessary to successfully guide the customer.

The PGTA provides the help you need to successfully help your customers grow healthy food, aromatic herbs, and fantastic flowers, right in their homes or yards, with methods that are safe, responsible and eco-friendly.

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